About Our Dojo

Lacy's Shotokan Karate


 Lacy’s Shotokan Karate was first established in 1973 making it the oldest martial arts school in the Four States area. Lacy's Shotokan is a traditional Japanese style karate school specializing in self defense. We offer classes for ages 5 & up through adults. Our students learn self defense, self control, self confidence, and RESPECT.

Hanshi Wayland D. Lacy


Our dojo is led by master instructor Wayland D. Lacy. Through Training with various  instructors, such as Takayuki Mikami, Rodney Tooley and He Young Kimm,  Hanshi Wayland Lacy has earned a 7th degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, 3rd degree  Black Belt in Kuk Sool Won Hapkido and Shorin Ryu Karate and a 2nd  degree Black Belt in Kobujutsu (weapons). As a competitor Dr. Lacy was  always rated in the “top ten” of the nations fighters, having won over  130 tournaments in Kumite and/or Kata. Three years in a row, Dr. Lacy  was rated the #1 fighter in the nation and was crowned “National  Champion.” Twice he climbed to #3 in the world ranking. He has been  awarded the nations “top competitor award” and the nations “outstanding  instructor award” by the United States Karate Association. 

In 2005, Dr.  Lacy was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and awarded  an honorary Doctorate in Asian Studies. In 2006, he was inducted into  the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame and awarded the title of Shotokan Grand Master of the Year. In 2007, Dr. Lacy was again inducted into the  World Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Dr. Lacy was recognized as the founder of Tokubetsu Karate and was promoted to 10th degree Black Belt and named to the prestigious Soke Council.

Dr. Lacy is Internationally known for conducting seminars in Mexico and Central  America. Some of his seminars have included teaching self defense to the  Honduran Special Forces, Panamanian Defense Groups, the Mexican Army and Mexican Police forces.

Tokubetsu Karate


Hanshi Lacy developed his own style of karate that is recognized by the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, known as Tokubetsu Karate. Tokubetsu uses techniques learned through Karate, Hapkido, and other martial arts to form a practical real-life self-defense style. We focus on close encounter fighting, uilizing joint locks, strikes, chokes, takedowns and arm bars.